Several people writing

During the preparation period at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, the eight in-house-directors were scattered to the four winds. The chat portal Slack provided the opportunity to engage in conversation.

You can read the chat dated from 15 March 2019 here.

At the time, Leonie Böhm was in Hamburg, Alexander Giesche in Munich, Suna Gürler in Basel, Trajal Harrell in Georgia (US), Yana Ross in Vilnius, Christopher Rüping and Nicolas Stemann in Berlin, Wu Tsang in Los Angeles, and Katinka Deecke (Head of Dramaturgy) and Benjamin von Blomberg in Zurich.

It had been agreed upon in advance that the conversation would be moderated and published in the season brochure (link to the complete chat here).

All participants were encouraged to intervene, and to comment, but the focus revolved around prepared questions for each individual.

The communication was in English, even if some didn't feel comfortable and others are native speakers.

In order to preserve the specificity of the conversation and to allow the particular mode of communication of a chat recognizable, the language was not polished. Here, too, the original form of the chat was simulated: a stream of thoughts and comments popping up in a group of 10 people who are all writing at the same time in a space that is still virtual. They get involved with each other and miss each other, are focused, but sometimes lose their train of thought. In order to reconnect, to start anew. And to always stay connected.

Enjoy reading.