Leonce und Leonce

© James Bantone

After: Georg Büchner
Staging: Leonie Böhm

In Leonie Böhm's latest production at the Schauspielhaus Zurich, Leonce and Lena become Leonce and Leonce. The parts that make up a melancholic self meet and enter into play with one another. The sorrowful ego comes up against mania, loses itself in exhilaration, and searches for real encounters. We are invited on a road trip of self-knowledge that demands the courage to face up to our own fragility. New habits! New rules!


Leonie Böhm
Conceptional cooperation
Sören Gerhardt
Stage Design
Sören Gerhardt
Magdalena Schön, Helen Stein
Johannes Rieder
Michel Güntert
Laura Paetau
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Audience Development
Nico Grüninger
Theatre Pedagogy
Patrick Oes
Production Assistant
Sultan Coban
Set Design Assistant
Eva Willenegger
Costume Assistant
Marie Hartung
Dramaturgy Trainee
Anna Gerber
Direction Trainee
Ninon Lantheaume
Set Design Trainee
Hannah Förster
Cooperation stage conception & assistance
Eva Willenegger
Costumes Trainee
Lea Heinert
Stage Manager
Michael Durrer
Katja Weppler
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  • Premiere: 12. March 2020, Schiffbau-Box
  • Schiffbau-Box
  • 🛈 Introduction 30 min before the play on 13.03., 30.03., 03.04., 04.04., 08.04., 16.04., 18.04., 22.04. and 29.04.
Monday 30.03. 19:30 Schiffbau-Box
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Wednesday 01.04. 19:30 Schiffbau-Box
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Friday 03.04. 19:30 Schiffbau-Box
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Saturday 04.04. 19:30 Schiffbau-Box
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  • Carte Blanche
Wednesday 08.04. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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  • Hello Zurich-Abo
Saturday 11.04. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Thursday 16.04. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Sunday 03.05. 18:00 Schiffbau-Box
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