Das Weinen 
(Das Wähnen)

© Gina Folly

Based on texts by Dieter Roth
Staging: Christoph Marthaler

Dieter Roth is (and remains) an anomaly. Including because his first name sometimes drops a letter – and then, all of a sudden, Dieter Roth becomes Diter Roth and nobody knows why. But there is more to Anomalous Roth than just this. Starting in Switzerland, he travelled across half the world and ultimately ended up settling in Reykjavík. There, Roth worked on his formidable complete works, creating sculptures, painting, drawing and: writing. This latter activity is however one that only a few people are aware of. For Roth himself, it was crucial. Nothing else, he once said, was as important as “writing... or let’s say: thinking. And putting together sentences.” In the late 1980s, Roth gave two special editions of his texts to Christoph Marthaler. The latter thenceforth moved from city to city, and excerpts from these texts would keep appearing in his productions – above all a poem about a so called ‘fattened calf’. Now, almost 30 years later, we are witnessing the first highly public encounter between Roth and Marthaler. Two Swiss anomalies who have a lot in common, although they have not often crossed paths. For example, a pronounced partiality for the deterioration of body, spirit and chocolate before the slow march of time. All this seems promising somehow, and should travel around the world after the premiere. Or around half the world. Or, please, at least as far as Reykjavík.


Christoph Marthaler
Stage Design
Duri Bischoff
Sara Kittelmann
Thomas Schneider
Musical production
Bendix Dethleffsen
Christoph Kunz
Malte Ubenauf
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Audience Development
Elena Manuel
Theatre pedagogy
Patrick Oes
Production assistant
Clara Isabelle Dobbertin
Set design assistant
Julia Bahn
Costume assistant
Natalie Soroko
Production trainee
Samuel Petit
Stage management
Aleksandar Sascha Dinevski
Lea Theus, Gerlinde Uhlig-Vanet
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Coproduced with Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Nanterre-Amandiers – centre dramatique national, Bergen International Festival, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne und International Summer Festival Kampnagel, Hamburg.

Supported by Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker Stiftung and Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung

  • World creation: 14. March 2020, Pfauen
  • Pfauen
  • Recommended age: 16 and above
  • 🛈 Introduction 30 min before the play on 16.03., 20.03., 24.03., 26.03., 28.03., 03.04., 05.04., 07.04. and 08.04.
Saturday 28.03. 20:00 Pfauen
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Wednesday 01.04. 20:00 Pfauen
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Friday 03.04. 20:00 Pfauen
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  • Fr
Sunday 05.04. 18:00 Pfauen
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  • Migros Subscription
Tuesday 07.04. 20:00 Pfauen
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  • Tues
Wednesday 08.04. 20:00 Pfauen
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  • Wed
Saturday 11.04. 20:00 Pfauen
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