The Köln Concert

By: Trajal Harrell
To the musix of Keith Jarrett

Trajal Harrell responds to the physical distance rules for the stage with a plan he has been pursuing for years: a choreography to Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert, the most successful piano solo recording of all time. It is a matter of learning anew, how to make theatre. Dance. In front of an audience. With distance and caution. But not with any less devotion.

With Titilayo Adebayo / Trajal Harrell / Nojan Bodas Maier / Josh Johnson / Thibault Lac / Songhay Toldon / Ondrej Vidlar
Staging, Choreography, Stage Design, Costumes
Trajal Harrell
Sylvain Rausa
Katinka Deecke
  • World premiere: 12. September 2020, Pfauen
  • Pfauen
  • 🛈 Introduction 30 min before the play on 16.09., 17.09. and 18.09.
Saturday 12.09. 20:00 Pfauen
  • Premiere
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Sunday 13.09. 17:30 Pfauen
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Wednesday 16.09. 20:30 Pfauen
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Thursday 17.09. 20:30 Pfauen
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  • Carte Blanche
Friday 18.09. 20:30 Pfauen
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