04. September 2019

New: Four Youth Clubs at the Schauspielhaus Zürich

From September 2019 onwards, the Schauspielhaus Zürich offers four weekly youth clubs for all performance-enthusiasts between the ages of 13 and 23. In-house director Suna Gürler and her theatre pedagogy team will conduct the rehearsals: getting to know theatre, discussing, improvising, dancing, screaming, sweating, and together create an evening at the theatre during the course of the entire season. Premiers will be celebrated in May and June 2020, when the four clubs perform three public shows in the Schiffbau-Matchbox, resp., in the Kammer of the Pfauen.

More News

17. September 2019
We congratulate: Sybille Berg is nominated for the Swiss Book Prize

Sibylle Berg has been shortlisted for the Swiss Book Prize together with Simone Lappert, Tabea Steiner, Alain Claude Sulzer and Ivna Žic.

12. September 2019
We congratulate:
Maja Beckmann is nominated for the FAUST-Award

Maja Beckmann has been nominated for her performance in Dionysos Stadt in the category Actor Play.  

28. August 2019
We congratulate: Christopher Rüping is Director of the Year, Nils Kahnwald is Actor of the Year

This year’s critics poll of the theatrical journal Theater Heute has elected Christopher Rüping as Director of the Year for his production “Dionysos Stadt with 14 votes. Nils Kahnwald was named Actor or the Year with 6 votes, whilst Maja Beckmann ranks third in the female category.